How to Overcome the Obstacle of Failing to Deposit Football Gambling on Official and Trusted Sportsbook Sites

The third step, please fill out all the deposit e-form sheets that have been provided by the city. Make sure you have written your name, email address, choice of method used, up to the nominal deposit to be deposited.

Make sure you make a deposit above the minimum deposit limit, which is Rp. 20,000. If you make a deposit below the minimum deposit limit, the bookie will not process your request.

The fourth step, immediately make a deposit in accordance with the agreed nominal.

Don’t forget, make a deposit according to the method you choose. Because, one of the factors for failing to deposit is because the method you use does not match the e-form that was submitted.

The fifth step, you are required to send proof of depositing soccer gambling deposits to the city or customer service for the validation process. If it is declared valid, the dealer will top-up the virtual chip coin balance according to the nominal deposited.


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