How to Win Playing Joker Jewel Pragmatic Slot

Joker Jewel slot is no stranger to online slot game lovers, for slot players, of course, this game is one of the most popular and most liked by all players on online gambling websites.

Joker Jewel from Pragmatic Play also has a type of game that is very easy to understand by all fans. without free spins / bonuses in this game, it’s not a deserted fan, but a lot of fans.

A very big jackpot if you can find 5 joker heads according to the line determined by this slot. The following is an explanation of the prizes that you get from the Joker game. Prizes will increase or decrease according to the bet.

Joker Jewel

How can we win playing this Joker Jewel Slot ? The method is quite easy. you just need to press spin. and must get at least 5 of the same picture, the biggest prize is the Joker’s Head. if you can get 5 joker heads then our bet value will be multiplied by 1000. For example. if you place a bet of 1,000 then if you get 5 joker heads the prize you will get is 1,000,000, – and this is not impossible. because so many have managed to get 5 joker heads.

Imagine if you put 10,000 or 50,000 in 1 round. The winnings you get can be 10 million to 50 million!. Wow isn’t it? Here we provide a few tips to win playing Joker Jewel Slot from situs judi joker88

1. Pay attention to the capital you have to play
Before you start playing, the most important thing is that you already have the capital you want to play with. first determine the capital that you will use to play, if you have determined the capital you want then you will then be able to determine how many stakes / bets you will play.

2. Determine the stake you will play
The second point that is very important to note is the stake (bet) that you will play after you already have capital in playing joker jewel. Make sure you play at stakes that are not too big and not too small. as a benchmark try to play at a minimum of 1% and a maximum of 5% of the balance you have.

Don’t forget to also play your stake. if your balance increases / is winning. make sure to add your stake too. don’t always play at the same stake. because if you play at the same stake, your winnings will not be able to increase either. over time you may lose and run out too.

If you want to play pragmatic joker jewel slot but you don’t have an account yet. you can try to play on a trusted site recommended by us, namely HanomanGaming

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