Indonesia’s Most Trusted Online Casino Roulette Gambling


DEPOBOS Online Roulette or also known as Roulette Gambling in Indonesia has a lot of fans. This casino game has a high win rate and payout, this is the reason why every casino is always full of players at the roulette tables. Currently, players can easily play roulette online without having to go to a casino such as Las Vegas and Macau. Now that access is available to be played online, how to play online casino roulette via a smartphone is very simple for anyone to do.

Through the website page you can find various Judi Rolet Online Terpercaya casino games, not only online roulette gambling but also slot betting, baccarat, sicbo dice and dragon tiger. The advantage of joining us is that you only need 1 account to access all the games provided.

Roulette has 2 types namely European Roulette and American Roulette:

Europe: 0-36.
America: 00-0-36.
How to play online casino roulette is very simple, on the table the roulette wheel consists of numbers from 0-36 which are the main core of this bet. The table will spin with a roulette ball and will stop at one of the numbers from 0-36. The task of the players is to predict and determine in advance the number. If the ball stops exactly on the number you put, it is considered a winner with a winning value of 36 times the initial roll bet.

The online roulette gambling provided is using real Situs Casino Terpercaya money, including other games available on us. You need to start this process by filling out the “REGISTER” form followed by a deposit. You can contact our customer service at any time because service is available 7 × 24 hours non-stop. This service is to support the easy process of registering, depositing, withdrawing and constraining.

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Trusted Online Roulette Bet Types
In the Indonesian online roulette game, there are 11 types of bets that can be played at once in 1 round. The method of calculation and the value of the win is also different. Before entering this casino game, first understand all the types of bets that are in the inside and outside positions. With this step, you can understand the game that is easier and more profitable

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