Introducing Roulette

There is no other classic “chance” game like the one in Roulette. Roulette simply lies in spinning a ball in a circle and players try to predict where it will land. Namely… with land-based casinos and people living to spin the wheel. In the days of older casinos, there were scams like the unbalanced or fixed wheel in favor of the casino. However, in today’s online casinos everything is computer-generated and subject to RNG (random number generation). The computer is programmed to offer a certain payout percentage. This means that the wheel is programmed to land on a specific color or number in a variety of combinations and frequencies.

Playing Roulette online has several advantages which a are obvious to players outside of the RNG. In land-based casinos, depending on the country you are playing in, there is some variation that you should expect. The number of spins per hour can vary from 30 upwards to 100 for land-based casinos. Tables sometimes have seats that limit the number of players at the table, while other countries only have seating that invites a large number of players to the table. You may find yourself at a crowded wheel elbowing other people just to maintain your tiny position behind the wheel, smelling their lunch and beer. Some countries may only offer one betting table per wheel while others may offer two.

The casino employee who sets the wheel is called the bookie. The Gruper is in control to spin the wheel, throw the ball into it then declare the win and collect the bets. The Gruper will spin the wheel and after the second spin will announce no more bets on the table when they throw the ball into the center of the wheel. The ball will eventually lose speed and stop at one of the stops. If a player bets on a certain number or color, they will win and the dealer will collect all other bets on the table for the casino. Payouts to players depend on their bets, see below for bet ratios.

In online casinos, the number of spins per hour is much higher and the bookie is not in control, nor is there a problem of seating or standing space!

Roulette America

The American Roulette wheel is divided into 38 stops numbered 1-36 with stops 0 and 00. Even numbers are red, odd numbers are black. 0 and 00 are green. The house edge on a single number bet on an American wheel with 38 different numbers is 2/38 – or 5.26%.

Players will place their bets (chips) on the appropriate player’s table. The object of the game is to guess where the ball will land. This very simple game is a casino favorite because they collect all the chips that are not on the winning numbers; therefore for the casino, it is very profitable.

Although this game may seem as simple as playing “fish” like a child; Many avid gamblers have developed and profited from roulette strategies. Roulette has its own language, marketed strategies and betting rules. Once players start reading and understanding the rules of Roulette, playing by the rules will not be as complicated as playing by the rules and not as simple as playing “go fish”! Casinos offer payout ratios for players who like to bet on more than one stop or color. Check the maximum table bet before placing your bet.

Some casinos will penalize the player if the ball lands on a 0 or 00. This exercise is called jail and there are variations on the rules depending on the casino. Some casinos will allow bets to remain in play for the next round (only on even money bets) or players will lose half of their bets.

European Roulette

The word Roulette comes from the French word “little wheel”. In many ways, French Roulette is very similar to American Roulette. However the wheel contains only one 0, unlike the American version which is 0 and 00. The European wheel has a better chance than the American wheel because the 00 is not on the wheel. The house edge on the European wheel with only one zero on single number bets is only 1/37 – or 2.70%

The numbers on the European wheel are not placed in any order – while the numbers on the American wheel are placed in opposite groups of numbers – 1 against 2, 3 against 4 and so on.

Before you start playing, you should read the rules of the Roulette table so that you don’t just give your chips away for free to the casino and lose your bank roll. Also remember when losing, most gamblers don’t maintain a positive mindset and are more likely to make hasty decisions which will be costly in the long run. Always play with a clear mind and positive outlook.

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