The most popular dice gambling game

A dice gambling game that is in great demand by Indonesian people.

Playing gambling is not a new thing, gambling is ingrained in the lives of our ancestors to this day.

Therefore, the gambling game until now is still daftar sbobet bola  running, because of the large interest in gamblers from various circles.

Previously, playing gambling for some people who like to play gambling, indeed they played this gambling bet just for fun and a hobby.

This gambling game cannot be separated from the pleasure of people who like this.

There are so many gambling bets that are often played on land such as gambling games:

Cockfighting gambling

Gaplek gambling

Dice gambling

And another gamble.

Cockfighting gambling games are from time immemorial until now which can be played online.

A bet that uses the media of a rooster that is competed in such a way.

The most popular dice gambling game

People’s Gambling
This cassava gambling was also previously all folk games daftar sbo that were often played in daily life, usually this game was only to be played to fill spare time.

This cassava gambling game can also now be played in online gambling games.

Dice gambling, this one game has existed for a long time, a game that is usually played by Indonesian people.

Where this game uses the media of three dice which are closed using a bowl.

These three dice represent the numbers drawn between numbers 1 – 6.

If the largest total of the three dice is combined, it means that it has the largest value, yes, this is 18.


This game is phenomenal, where we can place bets of several types, such as guessing:

Odd even

Small large

Guess the numbers.

and can be combined with other numbers such as betting numbers 1 and 6.

And there are many other types of bets.

The payouts also vary.

That’s why dice gambling is very popular.

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